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Industry Activity

2016-17 Industry snapshot: Tyre retailing in Australia

The tyre retailing industry is benefiting from the ever increasing number of vehicles on Australian roads. However, trends show that people are driving less and there are often longer periods between tyre replacements. There is also an influx of cheaper Chinese made tyres in the Australian market which often reduces the profit margins for tyre retailers. (Source: Johnson, S. IBISworld, Dec 2016)

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2016-17 Industry snapshot: Motorcycle dealers in Australia

Revenue for motorcycle dealers has stalled. Motorcycle sales are limited by the discretionary incomes of consumers and the diminishing recreational and leisure time available for riding. The used motorcycle market also limits the sales of new motorcycles. Demand for smaller cheaper motorcycles to be used as a substitute for less fuel efficient cars is increasing. This is regardless of the greater affordability of smaller, cheaper and more fuel efficient cars. (Source: Wu,T. IBISworld. Jun 2017)

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2016-17 Industry snapshot: Motor vehicle electrical services in Australia

The automotive electrical industry is growing due to an increasing fleet of Australian registered vehicles that require specialist electrical and electronic servicing. Higher disposable incomes have also made motor electrical services more affordable. However, greater accessibility to electrical service repair information by manufacturer aligned dealerships has limited competition. (Source: Johnson, S. IBISworld. Sep 2016)

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2016-17 Industry snapshot: Motor vehicle body, paint and interior repair in Australia

As the Motor Vehicle Body, Paint and Interior Repair industry tend to rely on vehicle accident repairs to generate revenue, new automobile safety systems and reduced vehicle accident rates have negatively impacted revenue creation. These negative impacts for industry are offset by the growing fleet of Australian registered vehicles and the higher discretionary income of consumers. Profitability is often reliant on business arrangements with insurance companies. (Source: Johnson, S. IBISworld. Dec 2016)

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