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Industry Activity

2017-18 Industry snapshot: Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing in Australia

Industry operators chiefly sell new or used parts and accessories (including automotive air conditioning and automotive batteries) for motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters. They also sell automotive air conditioning and automotive batteries. Industry involved in the sale of tyres and tubes for motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, and the installation of car audio systems and automotive airconditioners is not included. (Thomson, J. IBISworld. Apr 2018).

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2016-17 Industry snapshot: Passenger car rental and hiring in Australia

Growth in the passenger and car rental industry is due to higher domestic and international tourist numbers. Increased tourism activity has been fueled by the weakened Australian dollar and growing wealth in Asia. Competition within the sector is high as consumers’ access price comparison websites. (Source: McGregor, W. IBISworld. Aug 2017)

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