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    Report an Issue to the MTAA

    Concerned over a franchising or dealership agreement? Or perhaps a breach to Australian Competition Law? You can report any issue relating to your business through the MTAA Report an Issue Portal

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  • National Sector Committees Websites

    National Sector Committees Websites

    The MTAA is currently building websites for all of the National Sector Committees. You can visit their websites here.

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Welcome to the Motor Trades Association of Australia

Representing the motor trades industries throughout Australia
The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) is the pre-eminent body representing the interests of over 100,000 retail motor trades businesses which employ over 308,000 people and have an aggregated annual turnover in excess of +$208 billion.
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Each year the MTAA through its Members receives numerous concerns and cases from motor trade business members about the behaviours of suppliers, insurers, other motor body repair businesses, and key stakeholders including State and Federal Government regulations and policy.

These concerns are many and varied and can include: contract disagreements, operations or behaviours of parties with whom the motor trade business has a relationship, the impact of government policies and regulations, consumer choice and complaints, misuse of market power, contractual arrangements, accessing repair information, and Franchising Code of Conduct matters.

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There are hundreds of jobs within the motor industry.
  • Frequently Asked Questions +

    Who are the national industry sector committees that sit within MTAA?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions +

    Who are the Motor Trades Association of Australia?
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There are a number of National Industry Sector Committees (NISC's) that sit within the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) structure.

These committees include: