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About MTAA

The automotive industry is a vital contributor to Australia’s economy, employing more than 360,000 people across 52 trades and skill categories, and contributing around 2.1% of Australia’s GDP in 2016/17. The majority of automotive businesses (96.5%) are small and family owned enterprises.

The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) represents its member associations with the primary objective of educating and informing government and industry about the role of the automotive sector. They proactively participate in the development of sound public policy on issues affecting or impacting the retail motor trades, small business and consumers. The sector includes enterprises that sell, service, repair, fuel and maintain Australia’s 19.2 million strong motor vehicle fleet.

The MTAA represents the Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales, the Victorian and Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, the Motor Trades Association of the ACT, the Motor Trade Association of South Australia, the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia, and the Motor Trades Association of the Northern Territory.

As a national-level body, MTAA  presents a unified voice primarily to the Federal Government and Federal Departments and plays a key role in influencing government policy. The work MTAA undertakes includes identifying and monitoring issues affecting the automotive sector, and taking up appropriate matters with the government and public service including regulators.

The day to day operation of the MTAA is managed by the association’s chief executive officer, Richard Dudley. He is supported in this role by the National Secretariat, with specific skills in stakeholder relations, government affairs, communications and statistical analysis.

The National Secretariat of the association acts as a liaison between its Members and their business constituents and the Federal government, Commonwealth departments and industry. It receives specific inputs from National Industry Sector Committees that sit underneath the MTAA umbrella.

These committees provide detailed inputs on matters specific to each of the industries of the automotive sector. These sectors include the Australian Motor Body Repairers Association (AMBRA), Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association (AMDA) and several others representing parts dismantlers and recyclers, service stations and convenience stores, tyre dealers and retreaders, and farm and industrial machinery dealers and others.