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The Australian Automotive Industry Beyond 2017 - A Chance To Get It Right

The Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF)and Motor Trades Association of Australia(MTAA) Limited today released an interim submission to the Australian Government Senate Economics References Senate Committee Inquiry into the future of Australia’s automotive industry.

AMIF CEO Richard Dudley said the AMIF /MTAA submission concentrates on the unprecedented change profoundly reshaping the automotive retail, service, repair, recycling and associated sectors, the opportunities arising from change, and the need for a plan for the automotive industry post 2017.

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AMIF Reaction Competition Review

Competition Review ignores consumer risk from parallel import regulation relaxation

Calls to relax regulations on the import of second hand cars and light commercial vehicles in the Competition Review final report , ignores identified consumer risks; fails to identify significant consumer benefit for the automotive market; and smacks of creating competition for competition sake.

Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF) CEO, Richard Dudley said the report failed to adequately explain why automotive retailing requires further government intervention to increase competition when Australian consumers are already enjoying the greatest choice of new car brands and models (67 and more than 350) at the lowest prices in 20 years.

'Consumer risk s posed by an influx of second hand vehicles of potentially unknown origin, dubious history and probable difficulty in terms of ongoing servicing and repair appear to be of secondary concern in the report', Mr Dudley said.

'The review report makes a giant leap of faith that these consumer risks can be adequately mitigated through regulatory and enforcement regimes and enhanced 'buyer - beware' awareness programs.

'AMIF remains unconvinced that any regime or program can be developed and implemented, with the necessary resources, within three years , to address the risk to consumers', he said.

AMIF reminds the Federal Government of its commitment to not allow "...Australia to become the dumping ground for other countries' old second-hand vehicles", when considering its response to the Review.

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AMIF Welcomes Establishment of Tyre Product Stewardship Program

The Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF) today welcomed the launch of Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) and the establishment of the Tyre Product Stewardship Program. AMIF CEO, Richard Dudley, said the creation of TSA enabled a national, coordinated, focus on researching and creating new uses for the 48 million end-of-life tyres; strengthening existing tyre recycling businesses and potentially creating new ones; enhancing employment opportunities and reducing the environmental harm caused by the illegal dumping of waste tyres.

"The creation of TSA and the Stewardship Program is the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work and involvement by tyre retailers nationwide as well as other parts of the industry,” Mr Dudley said. With approximately 66 per cent of waste tyres ending up as landfill, or stockpiled or illegally dumped, AMIF fully supports the creation of new products and technologies originating from an undervalued commodity.

Mr Dudley said AMIF's State and Territory Motor Trades Associations and Automobile Chambers of Commerce Members and the Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (AATDRA) encourage all responsible tyre manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, collectors, recyclers, and associated businesses to embrace and support TSA and Stewardship Program.

"Consumers can be confident that the issue of waste tyres is being addressed and as of today we as an industry can begin examining and implementing strategies to lift the percentage of tyres being recycled," Mr Dudley said.

Further information: Richard Dudley - Chief Executive Officer: 0412 146 828