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 The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) has partnered with Deloitte Access Economics to prepare their response to Job and Skills Australia’s (JSA) 2024 Skills Priority List stakeholder survey.
This report has been produced by Deloitte Access Economics for MTAA for the purpose of supporting this response. The report provides a summary of the findings from a cross industry survey of MTAA members conducted by Deloitte Access Economics, ensuring that the insights provided to JSA are data-driven and evidence-based.

Australia is experiencing a tight labour market with evidence of extensive skills shortages across many occupations. The latest JSA Skills Priority List showed that 36% of occupations across Australia were in shortage in 2023, five percentage points higher than the equivalent figure in 2022.

Skills shortages are a particular issue for the automotive industry. Of the 26 six-digit ANZSCO occupations that are most prominent in the automotive industry, 35% were assessed to be in shortage by JSA in 2023. A range of recent studies indicate that skills shortages are amongst the biggest challenges facing automotive businesses.


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