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AMIF supports calls for fair competition policy The Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF), which represents 100,000+ automotive retail, service and repair (RSR) businesses, employing 310,000 Australians and contributing in excess of $160 billion to the economy, supports the principles of the ‘Lets Have Fair Competition’ report, released today by Master Grocers Australia (MGA).

“It is time for Government, the Opposition, policy makers and regulators to give proper consideration to the long term public interest when determining competition policy. The automotive RSR sector has seen first hand the effect of the dominance of the supermarkets upon its independent fuel retailing members; no longer do Australian consumers have access to true competition at the petrol pump with independent petrol stations now few and far between“ said AMIF CEO, Richard Dudley.

“The very issues at the heart of the MGA report are the very issues which have decimated competition at the petrol pump, and as a result Australians have less choice as to where to fill up their tanks. The grocery and liquor retailing sectors are heading down the same road,” he added.

AMIF urges all levels of government to support fair and diverse competition in the Australian market place and supports the MGA’s call for competition policies that provide a level playing field for competitors, irrespective of their size or market share.

“Short term consumer benefit should never come at the expense of long term public interest. It is clear past policy decisions, or lack of them, have created today’s environment which will, if unchecked, ultimately disadvantage consumers,” Mr Dudley said.

For more information or for comment, please contact Mr Richard Dudley, Chief Executive Officer of AMIF on (02) 6273 8222 or 0412 146 828.