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About MTAA

Motor Traders Association of Australia

Our Vision

A professional and sustainable Australian Automotive Industry.

Our Mission

Proactively, effectively and efficiently represent the Australian Automotive Industry, in a timely manner, with all levels of Government, business and community.


The automotive industry which includes the retail, service and repair sectors, is Australia's largest small business industry contributing $37.1billion or 2.2% of Australia’s GDP in 2015/16. Over 91% of all Australian industries utilise the goods and services of the automotive industry as immediate inputs towards the value of their production. It also provides transport to 71% of Australians travelling to work or study.  

The automotive industry is also a significant employer, with 379,365 people employed nationally across 69,365 businesses. In 2015, 41,457 students enrolled in automotive qualifications with approximately 11,000 new students commencing in automotive trade training each year.

Ranging from small 'Mum and Dad' businesses to medium sized multi-site operations, the Australian automotive sector sells, services, repairs and fuels Australia's 18 million strong motor vehicle fleet.

The Motor Traders Association of Australia (MTAA) represents the automotive industry and the myriad of automotive businesses. MTAA’s affiliated state and territory member associations include Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (incorporating the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce), the Motor Trade Association of South Australia, the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia, the Motor Trades Association of the ACT and the Motor Trades Association of the Northern Territory.

MTAA presents a united and powerful voice to government and industry. Central to MTAA's objectives is the need to educate and inform government and industry about the role of the automotive industry in the Australian economy and to proactively participate in development of sound public policy on issues affecting or impacting the retail motor trades, small business and consumers.

MTAA's affairs are managed by a Board of Directors, who are supported by a National Secretariat in Canberra. Directors, who act in a voluntary capacity, are employer representatives nominated by each state or territory MTAA member association, and are united in their vision for a strong and innovative Australian automotive industry.

Day-to-day operations are undertaken by the MTAA National Secretariat in Canberra. Managed by Chief Executive Officer Mr Richard Dudley and his team, this work includes identifying and monitoring issues affecting, or of interest to, the automotive retail, services and repair industry sectors and formulating appropriate policy responses. The National Secretariat also acts in a liaisory capacity, engaging with government, government departments and industry representatives. Trade specific input is provided to MTAA through its National Industry Sector Committees, which are consultative in nature, and provides MTAA with the detailed technical advice needed to create effective policy responses.

Change within the Motor Industry

Development of sound public policy on issues affecting or impacting the retail motor trades, small business and consumers.
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