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The Australian Automotive National Summit

Was held on 19-20th August 2015 - Hotel Realm - Canberra



This Communiqué contains broadly agreed principles, recommendations on critical issues and suggested actions resulting from input and discussion by the participants as a whole. It fulfils the second objective of the Summit. These have been organised across the seven emerging key themes that the industry has determined will play a significant role in determining what the industry looks like in Australia in the future, and how developments will influence productivity, business operations, employment, skills, and other parts of the economy. Implementing the actions arising from the Communiqué fulfils the third objective of the Summit.

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Richard Dudley thanked the speakers, panellists and audience for their participation across the Summit. The Summit had achieved its objective of bringing the Sector together and to identify that there is a universal agreement across the sector for urgent work to be done.

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The final panel session was comprised of Ian Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, AutoCRC, Gavin Smith, President, Robert Bosch Australia, Len Piro, CEO South Australian Automotive Transformation Taskforce, Susan Harris, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, Mark Pesce, Futurist.

The panel focused primarily on what the automotive industry might look like in 2030 and how new technology and advances in manufacturing and engineering were shaping the future of the automotive industry. With a more technology focused supply chain, repair and services skills would have to be reassessed to accommodate these changes.

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Mr Pesce stressed that misfortune shaped opportunities.

While we are seeing the end of automobile manufacturing in Australia, the country still had an incredibly dynamic motor vehicle market. As manufacturers depart they leave a vacuum of both market and policy. It is becoming clear that there had never been anything like a holistic approach to the sector.

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Mr Len Piro CEO of the South Australian Automotive Transformation Taskforce looked at the current automotive landscape and spoke of how his Taskforce had been addressing the issues facing the industry in South Australia.

‘The task force is training workers by helping them to upskill, re-skill and diversify. The governments Industry Growth Fund has been utilised to help with these transitions.

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