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20 auto parts and recyclers gather in Western Australia

MTAA CEO Richard Dudley attended a very well attended meeting of the APRA-WA Committee in Perth this week. 20 Auto Parts recyclers attended the meeting to hear on what APRAA, MTAA and MTA-WA have been doing on their behalf internationally and nationally. Topics included:

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76th Annual Convention Auto Recyclers Association (ARA) of the United States

MTAA CEO Richard Dudley and APRAA National Chairman Dale Imlach attended the 76th annual Auto Recyclers Association (ARA) of the United States Convention in the United States.

Discussions and negotiations continued with the ARA in strengthening an alliance between MTAA /APRAA and ARA to gain access to ARA’s learning university and data hub for recycling members of MTAA’s Members. Once finalised MTAA Member recycling constituents will be able to access courses and training materials as well as technical data and information secured by ARA.

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MTAA / AMBRA reaches out to United States Collision Repair Association

MTAA CEO, Richard Dudley met with the President of the North and South Carolina Motor Collison Repairers Association Brian Davies of Bodyworks Plus Collision Repair Centre while attending another conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Discussions centred on the concerns and issues facing the motor body repair industry in the states of North and South Carolina, and the United States more generally as well as a briefing on key issues facing the Australian Industry in comparison.

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