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MTAA and Members showcase sector businesses to Senate Committee Automotive Inquiry



The MTAA secured an opportunity for the Senate Economics References Committee currently conducting an inquiry into the Automotive Industry, to visit sector businesses in Melbourne, earlier this month.

Four Senators and staff from the Committee visited retail, repair service and associated businesses, hearing first hand from a new car franchised dealer, motor body repairers, tyre retailer and mechanical service provider and an LPG conversion business about matters impacting their businesses. In the context of the Automotive Industry inquiry it was extremely important to provide this opportunity to the Senate Committee to enable them to see and hear first hand from representative member business owners and operators, increase awareness and understanding of problems and opportunities for retail, service repair, recycling and associated businesses, beyond automotive manufacturing.After a morning of business visits, the Senate Committee then convened in Melbourne for a further face-to- face hearing. Again in a rare occurrence the MTAA and CEOs and Executive Director’s were all present at the hearing and provided evidence to the Senate Committee on a wide range of matters of concern to members.

The official transcript has been made available and can be viewed here 

MTAA Joins 24 industry associations in push for competition policy reform for business



The MTAA Limited joined forces with 24 other peak industry associations in a coalition to push for competition policy reforms at an historic meeting with the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, several Parliamentarians and staffers in Canberra on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

The group came together to provide further industry input on the Harper Competition Policy Review final report, currently being considered by government.

A catalyst for the group coming together is the need to provide improved balance in the debate on competition policy reform and specifically to counter a campaign of the Business Council of Australia and others against a particular recommendation dealing with misuse of market power provisions and the introduction of an ‘Effects Test’. This recommendation is supported by MTAA Limited and all the 24 assembled organisations.

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MTAA supports retention, broadening and change to Automotive Transformation Scheme


20 August 2015

MTAA supports retention, broadening and change to Automotive Transformation Scheme

The Motor Trades Association of Australia Limited (MTAA) today welcome the interim report of the Senate Economic References Committee Inquiry in the whole Automotive Industry, but says more work is required and urged government to listen to the calls for change.

MTAA President, Neville Gibb said the MTAA welcomed the recommendations that the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS) should not only be retained, but to include changes to accessibility and scope to ensure those who will continue to deliver products, components and new technologies and initiatives are encouraged.

In addition, the MTAA today called for $120million dollars to be set aside from future ATS allocations to be directed to an enormous body of work to re-position reskill and significantly change the qualifications and structure of training delivery and skills enhancement for automotive professions.

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