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MTAA meets the leadership of the Labor Party during the ALP National Conference in Adelaide

The MTAA has held a series of meetings with the leadership of the Labor Party including Shadow Cabinet Ministers, Ministers Assisting and Parliamentarians during the ALP National Conference in Adelaide this week.

MTAA discussions centred on key MTAA member and business issues including: automotive skills shortages; increased and targeted funding for automotive training and skills development; retention and ongoing funding of mentoring program; small business matters; progress on an Automotive Code of Conduct to address Access to service and repair information; challenges facing new car franchised dealers and the franchising code and a Code to address these issues; smash repair industry issues and ongoing calls for a mandated and prescribed code of conduct for the smash repair industry; automotive opportunities and growth; and environmental matters including an End-Of-Vehicle Life policy and network of accredited recycling centres.

The Labor National Conference provided the MTAA an opportunity to meets with the Opposition Leadership team. Parliamentarians, Staff and influencersto ensure awareness of critical issues impacting the automotive industry and proposals to address them. The meetings and discussions with Labor followed the same program with Government Ministers and Liberal Parliamentarians last month and a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party and Member VACC, earlier this month. MTAA is confident that that the major political parties are more aware of key and critical issues impacting MTAA Member business constituents as we approach the Federal Election in 2019.

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