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20 auto parts and recyclers gather in Western Australia

MTAA CEO Richard Dudley attended a very well attended meeting of the APRA-WA Committee in Perth this week. 20 Auto Parts recyclers attended the meeting to hear on what APRAA, MTAA and MTA-WA have been doing on their behalf internationally and nationally. Topics included:

  • End of Vehicle Life Policy and Regulations:
  • New EPA Guidelines for auto recyclers and dismantlers
  • New Australian Standard for Auto Recyclers:
  • Memorandum of Cooperation with international auto recycling associations:
  • Key Points from the 2019 APRAA and United States ARA Convention:
  • Development of closer alliance with the Auto Recyclers Association (ARA) of the United States
  • Access to Service and Repair information and OEM Parts numbers:

As well as discuss significant local issues such as increasing instances of theft of catalytic converters (because of the value of the rare and precious metals) were discussed. MTAA / APRAA requested any information from APRAA member businesses so that this could be analysed and passed onto the National Vehicle Theft Reduction Council and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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A packed APRAWA meeting listening to MTAA CEO Richard Dudley on behalf of APRAA and
discuss a wide range of matters impacting auto parts and auto recycling.